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Come and stay with us in the Upper Lanjaron Valley – be ready for a Himalayan style experience; rustic accommodation in spectacular scenery, endless walking opportunities, a fire to keep you warm in the evenings – and getting there is half the fun!

In the old days the upper Lanjaron valley was populated and farmed.  But as access is tricky, there’s only a few hardy cow and goat herders and some hermits left.  This is nature pure: the lush Lanjaron river with its many little waterfalls, oak and chestnut forests, plenty of wildlife, and towering over all of it the mighty peak of Cerro Caballo (Horse mountain), 3060m (10200ft) high and the most southerly of the main summits of the Sierra Nevada.  In the midst of it we have an old rustic farmstead – accommodation is simple – but what is lacking in luxury it makes up for with charm: the wood fire, the sound of gushing water, and the views up to the peak and down towards the Mediterranean sea!  To get there we take you on one of the most exciting tracks in the Sierra, strictly 4×4 access only!  Once there we can take you walking, or you can just chill out, take in your surroundings, meditate, paint the scenery, pick chestnuts or whatever else you feel like.  We can cater in true Himalayan style, rice and dhal for dinner and porridge for breakfast.

Overnight trips start at 300€/2days, including transport, accommodation and guiding, meals extra