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Get away from it all and take a deep breath of fresh mountain air!  Let’s go hiking – our 4×4 will take you deep into the mountains, to spectacular and remote locations, and from there we show you some little known trails, right in the heart of the Sierra Nevada mountains

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Ride&Hike – Trailhead taxi and guided walking.  Let us take you on some spectacular walks, some little known gems  only accessible by 4×4, or, if you prefer, on some of the better known walks of the area.  There is unlimited choices, get in touch and we will tailor make a Ride&Hike adventure just for you.  The focus here is on getting up there to walk, our car only serves to get deep into the mountains (and high up, making it possible to minimise steep uphill climbs if you wish to do so).  The tours not only work out cheaper than the private charter 4×4 tours, they also mean you get more exercise and we burn less fuel.  Yet having the car close by enables us to do two separate walks in very different environments all in one day!  In summer we can even take you up some of the 3000m (10.000ft) peaks of the area.  All tours include transport and guiding.


Ride&Hike tour 1

The High Acequia above the Buddhist Monastery

This is a lovely, fairly level walk high up in the mountains, following one of the ancient acequias (irrigation channels) through spectacular forests.  The sound of rushing water is always by our side and there are some fantastic views of the high (and snowy, throughout the winter and spring) peaks.  This walk can be rounded off with a visit to the Buddhist Monastery and/or an easy ascent of a small summit.







Ride&Hike Tour 2

A round of the Upper Lanjaron Valley

We dive into the Upper Lanjaron Valley on a spectacular track.  Once there we follow ancient paths past waterfalls, with the snowy peaks towering above us and the Mediterranean Sea often visible far below in the distance.  Although the valley is mostly abandoned due to the difficulty of access, we have a little, rustic farm house up there.  Come in for a cup of tea, and if you wish, we can even stay up there and make it a two day trip! (see 4×4 overnight adventures)







Ride&Hike Tour 3

Above the Poqueira Gorge

There is several choices of high altitude but fairly level walks along paths or acequias (irrigation channels) above the Poqueira gorge.  They all take you deep into the heart of the Sierra Nevada mountains, with spectacular views of most of the main 3000m (10000ft) peaks.  This can be combined with a visit to a beautiful waterfall and/or a drink and a stroll in one of the white villages.




Ride and Hike Tour 4 (plus Ride&Climb!)

Sierra de Lujar

The Sierra de Lujar is located inbetween the Sierra Nevada and the Mediterranean Sea.  A rough track used by miners takes us to within a couple of hours walk from the more remote of its twin summits.  Up here we are guaranteed to be alone, to either gaze across and take in the spectacular view of the Sierra with its mountain villages, extensive valleys, and main peaks; or down towards the Mediterranean Sea.  It’s far below us but tangibly close!  On the drive we pass some of our local rock climbing cracks.  Fancy a go?  We can give you a taste of this exhilarating sport, whatever your physical fitness and ability, making this a truly adventurous trip.  If some of you want to climb, others to walk, we can accommodate that too!