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Are you on your own, a limited budget, or you simply want to meet other people? We also offer fixed departures where you share your adventure with others. Dates and departure times vary, please contact us with your dates and we do our best to link you up. There are up to 6 seats available for each trip.

Trip 1 : Sierra de Lujar

Nestled between the high Sierra Nevada and the coast, the Sierra de Lujar is an amazing view point. You turn one way and look at snow-covered peaks, you turn the other and see the Mediterranean stretching to the horizon (on a clear autumn evening you might even see the distant mountains of Morocco). The Costa Tropical with its beaches, villages and cliffs is but a few miles away as the crow flies, yet down a dramatic 1800m (6000ft) drop from where you are standing! You see many of the major summits of the Sierra Nevada, including Mulhacen, at 3483m the highest peak in mainland Western Europe outside the Alps, all of them covered in snow for a large part of the year. You also see the dramatic valleys and gorges leading up to these peaks, and further down extensive olive and fruit orchards as well as several white villages.

We will take you there in the early evening and you can have a drink or a cuppa whilst you watch the sun set (depending on the season) beyond the Costa del Sol turning the majestic peaks deep red. There is also some lovely easy walking along a ridge, with jaw dropping views to either side.

Starting point: Orgiva

Duration 3h

Price: 30e/seat

Trip 2 :

The high forestry tracks and view points of the Alpujarras, right at the border of the National park plus a stopover in one of the white villages or the Buddhist Monastery of Oh Sey Ling

On this trip we will rapidly climb up on small, windy roads past the outlying villages, and eventually up unsurfaced forest tracks right to the border of the Sierra Nevada National park at a height of almost 2000m (6500ft). Once you leave the populous and cultivated lower slopes of the Sierra, the landscape changes dramatically: from olive, almond, and citrus fruit orchards, to the pine, chestnut and mountain oak forests of the higher mountains. Here you can admire the astounding engineering feet of the ancient Moors; an incredible system of irrigation channels, still in use, called ‘acequias’. These bring water from the high mountain valleys to far away farms and villages. Dramatic view points reveal the valleys below you, and the Mediterranean sea in the not so far distance. Have a drink or a complete picnic either at one of these view points, in a meadow full of flowers, in the shade of a mountain forest, or at the side of a lush mountain stream. There will also be possibilities for short walks and a stop-over at either one of the famous white villages, or the Buddhist Monastery of Oh Sey Lin

Starting point: Orgiva, Lanjaron or Pampaneira

Duration 5-6h

Price: 50e/seat