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Tailor made day trips into the Sierra Nevada 

   for up to 6 people                                                                                                        

Come and see the Alpujarras with us!

You can charter our 4×4 and driver for 3h, 5h, a full day , or as many days as you like

We will tailor-make a mountain adventure just for you.

We can take you hiking, swimming, climbing, sight-seeing, cruising, eating and drinking, or simply to enjoy the views.

You might be in it for a comfortable cruise over little driven remote tracks, in order to see as much of these beautiful mountains as you can.  Stopping occasionally to take in the view, or have a snack or drink..

Or you might see the car simply as your means of transport to get out there; to spend as much time as you can in nature, to enjoy a walk, a picnic, watch the birds, do some Yoga, draw the landscape, climb a mountain, or do any other outdoor activity.

A tour can include remote and wild places as well as the white villages or other main sights of the Alpujarras; go for a walk in nature, then kick back and enjoy drinks and tapas in a village plaza followed by some souvenir shopping.

Whether you want to go to as many places as possible and see as much of the Sierra Nevada as you can in the time you have available, or whether you want to be taken to just one of our secret spots,  or anything in between, we will make it happen.

You tell us what you want, we do the rest.  We can fit up to six passengers into our 4×4 (well, you don’t want to sit in one of the seats at the very back if you’re 6’6 – kids love it though). We can pick you up anywhere in the Alpujarras, by the coast, or in Granada, but both trip durations and prices are based on pick up in or around Orgiva and Lanjaron.

Here are some suggested itineraries – remember, you can pick one of these, or you can pick and choose, combining elements of different ones.  All of these trips offer ample opportunities for short or longer walks, even if this is not mentioned.  Some of them offer opportunities for other side activities such as rock climbing, bird watching, mountain biking, souvenir shopping, or cooling off in a mountain stream.    For all of them we can provide hot and cold drinks, snacks, simple picnics, or full meals. So just let us know about any extras you might require.

If you don’t find what you are looking for, we have plenty more ideas and places that we don’t talk about here in order to keep them secret:-)


5h trips

Trip 1: White Villages and beyond

One of the main attraction of the Alpujarras, on the Southern slopes of the Sierra Nevada, are the white villages. Pampaneira, Bubion, and Capileira cling to the sides of the spectacular Poqueira Gorge, at altitudes between 1000-1500m (3000-5000ft).   Their Moorish architecture can easily make you believe that you are in Northern Africa rather then Western Europe.  They are beautifully preserved and cater to the tourists’ every wish; cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops full of locally made carpets or pottery compete for the attention of the many visitors.  However, once you leave the villages behind, there are many spectacular and remote spots of natural beauty to be discovered: mountain streams, water falls and rock faces, the Sierra Nevada National park, and endless opportunities for outdoor pursuits such as walking, climbing or abseiling.  This trip combines the well trodden tourist path, with a visit to some of our secret spots above and beyond, taking you away from it all!

Trip 2 : Above Niguelas and below the Horse Mountain

This one is one of our favourites, with both the off-roading as well as the countryside being more than spectacular.  Well off the beaten track, this route leaves the beautiful village of Niguelas and follows an exciting rough track through riverbeds, and past exposed and dramatic drops, winding its way higher and higher up the mountain side.  There are amazing views back into the steep valley, as well as up towards Cerro Caballo, (Horse mountain). The most southerly of the 3000m (10000ft) summits of the Sierra Nevada, and in our opinion, the most distinct and beautiful one.  Both the scenery and vegetation keep changing dramatically as we cross different ridges and high valleys.  This one is a real adventure so hold on tight.  We can visit fresh water springs and go for some lovely walks, before eventually crossing over into the upper Lanjaron valley, where the descent back to civilisation seems endless.

Trip 3 : Isolated farmsteds and nature pure in the upper Lanjaron valley

Travelling along some beautiful forestry tracks above and beyond Lanjaron and Orgiva, we eventually cut back into the upper Lanjaron valley at a height of 1800m (6000ft).  On the way there are plenty of beautiful view points, taking in the higher peaks of the Sierra, its valleys and villages. As well as the view South towards the coast, with the deep blue of the Mediterranean merging with the blue of the sky on the horizon.  Once in the valley we visit an old, semi-deserted farmstead, you get invited to a hot drink on an ancient threshing mount, and visit the farm’s beautiful terraced meadows and fields.  These terraces were carved out of the mountain side by hand to sustain a large rural population in Moorish times hundreds of years ago. Only a few goat men and hermits, as well as the occasional walker, come up here these days.  We take you for a walk along one of the ancient, lush irrigation channels, and /or up higher into the wild mountain valley.  There is even the option of walking back down to Lanjaron, or we return via a different 4×4 route with more spectacular scenery.

Trip 4 : The high forestry tracks and view points of the Alpujarras, right at the border of the National Park

 After picking you up in Orgiva or Lanjaron we will rapdly climb up on small, windy  roads past the outlying villages, and eventually up unsurfaced forest tracks right to the border of the Sierra Nevada National park at a height of almost 2000m (6500ft).  Once you leave the populous and cultivated lower slopes of the Sierra, the landscape changes dramatically: from olive, almond, and citrus fruit orchards,  to the pine, chestnut and mountain oak forests of the higher mountains.  Here you can admire the astounding engineering feet of the ancient Moors; an ancient system of irrigation channels, still in use, called ‘acequias’. These bring water from the high mountain valleys to far away farms and villages.  Dramatic view points reveal the valleys below you, and the Mediterranean sea in the not so far distance.  Have a drink or a complete picnic either at one of these view points, in a meadow full of flowers, in the shade of a mountain forest, or at the side of a lush mountain stream.  We will take you for some lovely walks at different points of the trip, as long or short, easy or strenuous as you want.  If you want, we can also swing by the Buddhist Monastery (see trip 6) to make this a complete other-worldly mountain experience.

Trip 5 : Sierra de Lujar (3h)

Nestled between the high Sierra Nevada and the coast, the Sierra de Lujar is an amazing view point.  You turn one way and look at snow-covered peaks, you turn the other and see the Mediterranean stretching to the horizon (on a clear autumn evening you might even see the distant mountains of Morocco).  The Costa Tropical with its beaches, villages and cliffs is but a few miles away as the crow flies, yet down a dramatic 1800m (6000ft) drop from where you are standing!  You see many of the major summits of the Sierra Nevada, including Mulhacen, at 3483m the highest peak in mainland Western Europe outside the Alps, all of them covered in snow for a large part of the year.    You also see the dramatic valleys and gorges leading up to these peaks, and further down extensive olive and fruit orchards, as well as several white villages.

We can take you there at any time of the day but it’s very special to go there in the evening and have a drink or a cuppa whilst you watch the sun set beyond the Costa del Sol turning the majestic peaks deep red.   There also is some lovely, easy walking along a ridge with great advantage points for either view.


Trip 6 : O Sel Ling Buddhist Monastery

This Tibetan style monastery lies at almost 1500m or 5000ft, at the end of a long windy dirt track.  Pretend to be in the Himalayas when you turn the giant prayer wheel or take a moment of reflection at one of the many stupas (shrines).  A lovely walk leads to a view point where you gaze across at the famous white villages, below and opposite you, and above at Mulhacen, the highest peak in mainland Europe outside the Alps, as well as at other 3000m (10,000ft) mountains.

All day trips

Trip 8 : Up high above Trevellez and Berchules

This one is a long roundtrip taking in the remote forestry tracks above Trevellez and Berchules in the Eastern Alpujarras.  Once we leave surfaced roads we climb steadily up through extensive pine forests with views of deep valleys and lesser known peaks to the North, and the Contraviesa mountains framed by the Mediterranean sea to the South.  Turning onto small and exciting tracks we ascend even higher, beyond the tree line, to the top of a ridge at 2500m (8300ft). From here we are looking down at the upper Trevellez valley and across to Siete Lagunas and Mulhacen and Alcazaba, the highest and third highest summits of the Sierra Nevada. Walking opportunities include ascends of the ridge to nearby peaks, or along an ancient irrigation channel.

Trip 9 : Action packed traverse of the High Sierra

A full day trip can include some or all of the elements of the trips above: We can enter high valleys and get close to the high peaks, drop down for lunch in a white village or in nature by a mountain stream, go for a nice walk, cool off in a river, try some climbing or abseiling, do some proper off-roading, and/or take some time out to chill out in the sunshine, you pick and choose.  Note that for an all day charter we can pick you up from the coast or Granada too, where there are many more options for side trips on the way…


to hire full car including driver/guide

3h tours: 100e + IVA (Spanish VAT)

5h tours: 150e + IVA

7h tours: 200€ + IVA

all day tours: 250e + IVA

Side activities like climbing or abseiling, and any drinks or meals provided are extra

We also add a surcharge for pick up/drop off away from Orgiva